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Welcome to
Magic1 Productions Intro Page!

Magic1 Productions


The Websites below are maintained by Magic1 Productions and you may go directly to a site from here. All sites have internal links to the others so you can browses from one to the other. Enjoy your visit and please sign the guestbooks on the sites. Thank you!

Would you like to see some artworks of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, created on computer, and links to other people's great Elvira sites?
Then visit the Elvira Art Exhibit starting here:

(OPPS, Geocities and some photographer jerk with a chip on his shoulder managed to get my Elvira website deleted without even a notice! They claim copyright infringement or some crap like that so the link below doesn't work right now, but I'm going to get it back up someday and put it anywhere other than Geoshitties!)

Elvira Art Exhibit

From here you can visit the former monthly online entertainment guide!

Around Town Online

Do you enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy short stories? Then read the original and never before published, "The Crystal Prison of Kyr" featured here. The complete ten chapters that you can read at your leisure:

The Crystal Prison of Kyr

Like to read a little humor about marriage? Here is the complete two-act comedy play, "Happily Ever After", in script form, about young couples, originally performed in Detroit, Michigan. Start here:

Happily Ever After

This Intro Website maintained by
Magic1 Productions
and copyright 1997 by Magic1 Productions.

This website and all linked sites were created on an Amiga computer!!
Formerly owned by Commodore, now resurrected by Gateway 2000.
"Amiga, Back For The Future!"

Back for The Future Again

Web Intro started here Dec. 1, 1997.